28 Photos Of Stark Girls Bound To Make Ned Roll All Over His Grave :/


Even though Arya and Sansa are a million miles away from one another, they seem to be very close in these photos. They probably lost it after having their brothers and parents murdered heartlessly. Oh Ned, things have changed quite a lot since you have left us. 

Here are 28 Photos of the Stark girls Ned would hate to see.

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1. The new Stark generation wants to be like Targaryens and Lannisters. We are terribly sorry, Ned.

2. Your girls are not as innocent anymore Ned…They’re not!


4. They didn’t even mourn after their mother. They immediately attended Westeros festivals.

Your mother is not happy girls. We expect her to return any moment because you certainly need to start behaving!

5. Then let’s dance!

6. Sansa has really done it this time. Staying with all these boys and girls, taking all those photos with no shame.

7. She has no one to tell her what’s right or not so she goes and hangs out with Steve-O.

8. No one minds what they wear anymore. As a result, everyone’s heart skips a beat when they see Sansa.

Even this mofo.

9. They also don’t know when to stop drinking nowadays.

10. They don’t care what the society or the North would say either.

11. However, they do look after each other. In a weird way…

Ned is so very ashamed you gals…

12. Too many nightouts…Too many!

13. Weird photos and shit…

Of course someone is pleased!

14. They didn’t care about the legacy Ned left behind…

15. Even when Winterfell was lost, they kept raving and having fun!

16. They even spent time together with their father’s killers!

We all have that look on our faces as well, Ned.

17. They never grew up.

18. But they do want to sit on the Iron Throne.

19. They want that a lot!

Never listened Ned’s advices.

20. They were the usual suspects of Westeros nightclubs.

21. They licked, they bit…Even Varys!


22. They fell down, they got picked up.

23. Even considered girl on girl action. (Well, we’d be lying if we didn’t consider this ourselves.)

24. They gave hugs to Sir Davos.

25. Go back to #23!

26. They let others run their hands all around them.

27. They made fool of themselves after drinking too much.

28. Even when they stayed in, they managed to go nuts.


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