26 Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Describe Dealing With Chronic Pain!


It's hard to describe chronic pain but Tumblr users tried. Here are some of those funny attempts.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/annaborges/if-y...

1. These more accurate lyrics:

2. This honest shutdown:

3. This blatant lie:

4. This new word you definitely should adopt:

5. This post that’ll make you laugh then cry:

6. This truth bomb:

7. This all too-common piece of advice:

8. This spot-on comparison:

9. This shoutout to your local cry spot:

10. That glorious moment when you finally find a doctor match:

11. This cheat sheet for anyone who doesn’t deal well with chronic pain:

12. And this helpful PSA:

13. And this important reminder:

14. This ~steamy~ list of kinks:

15. This post that might actually inspire you:

16. This post that’s too relatable:

17. This f.ck up:

18. This impossible scenario:

19. This helpful translation:

20. This conversation you’ve probably had:

21. This beautiful illustration:

22. This infuriating truth:

23. These affirmations:

24. This reminder:

25. This gorgeous post that paints an important picture:

26. And finally, in case you need to hear it:

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