26 Hilarious Memes That Only People Who Have Toddlers Will Understand and It's So True


Kids are the best...Sometimes....

Source: https://thechive.com/2019/02/11/parentin...

1. RUN!

2. Parenting game accomplished.

3. Just hold still you tiny little devil.

4. Who knows kid...Who knows...

5. And then you remember it was a nice dream.

6. The hardest thing in the world.

7. You wanna move them a little bit but you can't risk to wake them up.

8. That will be a hell of a night.

9. You lucky cow.

10. Fine...Just fine...

11. Nothing can be more accurate.

12. Just get on with it kiddo.

13. Oh, the sun is shining.

14. It's never funny.

15. And than you ran to check if anything's bleeding.

16. No Pain Rocky. No Pain.

17. I just need to be alone a little.

18. God, help me!

19. Oh yeah, you should do that.

20. Parenting duty is a real thing.

21. How am I gonna talk to people who are older than 6?

22. Taking a bath is a privilege if you are a mom.

23. It's a package deal.

24. 5 mins later: "Please honey, take one more bite"

25. How!!??

26. I'll keep them always on top(of my head).

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