26 Dogs Who Are Just All Of Us!


What would we do without dogs?  They are the purest, cutest, fluffiest form of entertainment ever!  And their loyalty knows no bounds.  Dogs love us and we love them.

Sometimes, they spend so much time with us that they literally start to become us.  Here are 26 dogs that are all of us.

When the morning coffee finally kicks in

When you first get to the beach

When your friend tries to take a photo without you

When you are too lazy to get out of bed but you need water

When that sneeze just won't come

When your kid asks you to play

When 2017's not starting the way you pictured

When the caffeine kicks in

When your work day is done

I'm mad at you! Wait... is that broccoli?!

When someone tries to wake me up in the morning

When you have to do something cool because your crush is watching

When someone asks me if I'm hungry

When someone compliments me

When you just need someone to hold your hand

Dis is mines now

When Bae is ignoring you

When the floor is hot lava but your human needs you. 🐶😍

When you're trying to control yourself, but you're weak

When you see people you don't wanna talk to in public

When your days are just too long

How I am handling life right now...

Me chasing my dreams

When you catch your friend putting you on snapchat

When you have a five page paper, 2 exams and a project due tomorrow that you haven't even started on

When you're at the club like

How do you feel?
Tears of Joy
Relieved Face
Clapping Hands
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