25 Things To Get Rid Of Now If You Want A Better Life!

> 25 Things To Get Rid Of Now If You Want A Better Life!

If you want good things to happen in your life, you should make some space for them.

So, what do you have to give up for these good things? Here are some rules shared by BusinessInsider.


1. Trying to be perfect

Perfectionism forces us to make mistakes. Because instead of trying to be the best, we always think we are never good enough.

2. Playing small

Widen your horizon. Play big. The process might be tough, but it'll be worthwhile in the end.

3. Being unnatural

The truth and courage might be hard at times, but they are never harder than being unnatural

4. Waiting for your luck

Though there are some luck factors in having good opportunities, guessing where to find those factors requires knowledge and experience.

5. Waiting more than necessary for anything

There is a thin line between waiting for the right time and waiting in vain.

6. Needing to be approved

Don't let other people's opinions exhaust you.

7. Not being able to work with others

There are also things you can do on your own, but they'll be more boring and tiring.

8. Making promises you can't keep

If you're making a promise, make sure it is short, but to the point.

9. Lingering on your weaknesses

Of course you should work on your weaknesses, but focus more on your strong sides.

10. Blaming others

It's an immature behavior that'll get you nowhere.

11. Ignoring your negative thoughts

We assume we are only responsible for the things we do, not the things we think of. But these two can't be thought of separately.

12. Dwelling in the past

It won't  let you progress.

13. Trying to please everyone

The most certain road to failure is to try to please everyone.

14. Minor targets

Minor targets bring minor results.

15. Holding grudges

Only hurts you.

16. Being closed to change

Some changes happen independently of you. Try to keep up.

17. Trying to never make a mistake

Not taking any risks is actually the biggest mistake you are making.

18. Not being able to say 'No'

Your time is way more precious than things you don't want to do.

19. Belittling yourself

You are 50% less likely to succeed

20. Gossiping

Only unimportant people gossip. Don't talk about people, talk about ideas. If you happen to talk about people, be positive.

21. Going round in circles

You fail not when you fall, but fail to get up.

22. Always complaining

When we complain about the things that happened yesterday, we ruin today and tomorrow.

23. Hanging out with negative people

It's time to get away from these people who pull you down.

24. Comparing yourself to others

Compare yourself to yourself only.

25. Thinking you can't make a difference

Everyone can make a difference. Everyone. Even a small raindrop.