24 Photos To Appreciate The Perks Of Our Era!


There are way too many things that our technological era has brought us, which we usually forget in these eventful days. We have compiled some of them from Buzzfeed and brought them to your attention, enjoy!

1. This elevator you can operate with your feet if your hands are full.

2. This great method of showing you what buildings looked like before they were ruined.

3. This Dali-inspired latte art.

4. These baskets that let the staff know whether the customers want help or not.

5. This DVD case that’s almost too clever for its own good.

6. This multi-functional spork that comes with a toothpick in the handle.

7. This unique “doorbell.”

8. Not to mention this guitar shop.

9. This bench that changes to suit your needs.

10. This British roadsign.

11. This clever warning.

12. The kid who decided to hedge their bets.

13. The door in this Alzheimer’s ward designed like a bookcase to try and stop patients from walking out.

14. This picnic bench that has seating for small children, adults, and a high chair.

15. This tire that displays a message once it’s been worn down.

16. These chopsticks that take the pressure off.

17. These instant noodles that come with a built-in strainer.

18. This café that just moves the N when it’s open.

19. This parking garage that just bought a load of the same signs, and flipped them depending on their need.

20. This church’s approach to renewable energy.

21. This label that tells you when the time is right to eat your mango.

22. This bikestand that has a pump attached to it.

23. The logo for these peanuts.

24. And this kid who did exactly as they were asked.


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