23 Inevitable Situations For People With A Tiny Belly


We don’t have that much fat, and we may even be considered skinny, but we have someone living independently on our body: our venerable belly! 🙆🏻🙆🏻

1. We tuck our tummy unconsciously when we look in the mirror. This is kind of a reflex for us.

2. It’s always tucked when people are around. And there will be people who’ll be taking photos, and we are prepared for that.

Applause to the ones who can breath.. 😲

3. That little fat in our belly will be there forever, so we embrace it.

4. Because that little fat on our belly never leaves us alone, even in our skinniest and fit times.

5. Sometimes we decide “Enough! I’ll have a flat belly!” However, a slice of a pizza or a little dessert is enough for us to change our minds.

6. The diet for it is usually like a hunger strike at the end.

7. And those sit-ups. It’s an old-fashioned and an improved upon exercise from a long time ago.

But we don’t do the enhanced version... 🙈

8. Sometimes, we try to push it out as much as we can so we’ll see how pregnant we can look.

9. And yes, that cliché and not-funny-at-all joke: How long have you been pregnant?

We always look like we either ate a lot or we are pregnant.  This kind of a joke is unnecessary. 😒😑

10. Sometimes we give it 10 minutes and do the miraculous exercises we see on the internet.. Ok, we sometimes try to do those exercises…

Then we spend the rest of the 20 minutes thinking about how stupid the idea was.

11. We sometimes try corsets, and here is how we feel:

12. The truth? It’s close to a penguin:

13. We desperately wonder if those things advertised on television actually work.

Even though we know it won’t :’(

14. We use Instagram progress photos as daily morale boosters.

15. We wake up with a flat stomach, then, our little fat belly comes back after we eat breakfast.

16. The view when we sit is legendary.

17. In fact, we can create a table out of it if we try.

18. We also find nicknames for it…


19. We can even give it a unique sweet name.

20. People may think we have a flat belly if we have found the right dress.

21. Who cares if they don't? We are not shy., We’re even about to give up tucking it in.

22. The ones who watched Pulp Fiction remember: Bruce Willis also thinks a little belly fat is sexy.

23. Even the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, has one!

So a little belly fat is good!

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