23 Examples Showing The Importance of Choosing Your Font Wisely!


Choosing the right font plays a significant role in conveying a proper message. If letters don't have the right proximity, the intended message can go extremely wrong. 

Here are some living examples showing the importance of choosing the right font!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jamiejones/choo...

1. This extremely creative pet store.

2. Gumballs included

3. This garage has a really unfortunate name.

4. This banner for a church has it all!

5. Except you actually are

6. Flickering...

7. Hinting at vag steaming was not their priority when designing this vacuum cleaner.

8. This brilliant Cock Clock

9. This barber shop window though...

10. These questionable mince pies.

11. Poor Curt!

12. Kickboxing or KKKboxing?

13. This logo is designed for a company named locum.

14. Which Cow to be exact?

15. A font that dissolves in the water is not a good idea.

16. Fuck or Treat?

17. Dope or Pedo?


19. Key Lime Farts!

20. Unappealing Fart Tacos

21. Hope keychain flipped upside down has something to say to you.

22. An accidental celebration of the Third Reich.

23. Thank you for ruining my birthday!

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