22 Facts To Relate If You're About To Be Done With College!


Being at the top is not easy. You're about to graduate, you still don't know what to do with life (as if anyone actually does) and the uncertainty eats you alive day by day. We know and share your pain...

1. You remember your first day clearly. Now it's your last year. This is unbelievable.


2. Most of your conversations with your friends are about how time passed quickly.


3. If you are not retaking any classes, you think it'll be an easy year.


4. But then you realize if you fail any of your classes, it'll mean another year for you.


5. You want to think that professors would go easy on you cause it's your last year.


You know it doesn't work like that.

6. Finals are finals, and they never get any easier. You learned this the hard way.


7. Sometimes you wonder what'll happen next year around this time.

8. Even though you're taking a class for the first time, your previous knowledge from other classes is enough for you to pass it.


9. Now you are an expert at diplomacy and you know how to talk to professors.


10. Your family has started to ask you questions like "Will it be over this year?" and "What are your plans?"


11. Suddenly, you've started to like everyone in your class.

12. You have to start writing your thesis.


13. When you see juniors, you ask yourself if you looked that innocent back then.


14. You start to collect more memories.


15. You realize with your school's end, your time in that city will come to an end as well.

16. It's time to start selling your stuff.


17. You already start to miss everything you thought you'd never do.

18. Every night you dream of wearing that robe.

19. You are sad, yet you are proud.

20. And that moment finally arrives.

21. You realize that the most worthy things are the friendships you shared.


22. When it's over, you take a deep breath and think about the next step.

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