21 Weird Allergies You Probably Never Heard Of!


An allergy is an excessive reaction of the immune system, which normally protects the body, to actually harmless materials or the immune system's being affected by weather conditions or psychological factors. Allergies can affect one's life very negatively. We all know about pollen allergy, or allergic reactions to getting stung by bees or insects. However, there are some allergies that it is hard to wrap one's mind about it. Here are some of the horrible allergies that you wouldn't even wish on your worst enemy:

1. Sex


Sex, actually a 'sperm' allergy, is very rare and treatment is not easy. Women who are allergic to sperm develop symptoms such as a burning feeling and rash. Well, good luck.

2. Kissing


Actually, kissing does not cause allergies, but the substances that one can come in contact with while kissing are a great risk factor. Canadian Christina Desforges died in 2005 after kissing her boyfriend. Her boyfriend stated that he had eaten a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and the small particles of peanut caused Desforges to die. It was found out later that she was allergic to peanuts.

3. Water


Water allergy, which is known as aquagenic urticaria in medicine, causes lesions and rashes when water contacts with skin or mouth and lips.

4. All kinds of food and beverages except water.


This allergy, which hasn't been given a medical name yet, is very rare. A patient named Kaleb Bussenschutt, who can't consume anything else than water, ice and a specific brand of lemonde. If he eats something else, he gets intense stomach pain and cramps. He has to be connected to an alimentary canal for 20 hours to survive. Unfortunately, there is no cure or treatment for this allergy.

5. All kinds of food except tomatos and bananas


People who have this allergy have reactions to all kinds of food, except these two.

6. Eating an apple around a birch tree


The patient named Grace Morley has a very rare and bizarre allergy. If she eats an apple, everything is fine. If she stands around birches, everything is fine. However, if she eats an apple around a birch, her body gives an allergic reaction.

7. Fish smell


If you have this allergy, you don't necessarily have to have consumed fish to develop an allergic reaction. Only the smell of fish is enough to start one.

8. Money


Everybody loves money, right? And being allergic to money sounds ridiculous. However, 'nickel' that is used in money production is one of the most common allergens. It causes rash, redness, swelling and itchiness.

9. Cell phones


Nickel used in cell phones, the radiation that is transmitted, or the low frequency waves might cause allergic reactions.

10. Computer


Some people are allergic to computers. It is caused by electromagnetic hypersensitivity and manifests itself with intense headaches, nasal discharge and skin irritation.

11. Deodorant


Some of the anti-perspiration components might cause burning, itching, redness and rash. It is advised that people who are allergic to deodorant use baby powder to manage the smell.

12. Shoes


Even though it sounds very uncommon, the number of people who are allergic to the materials used in shoe production -rubber, resin and some other chemicals- isn't that low!

13. Underwear


This allergy, from which both women and men can suffer, is caused by latex, lycra, synthetic or nylon fabrics. The good news is that after the allergy test, it is established what kind of fabric it is that causes the allergic reaction and you can always go for the underwear that doesn't have that particular one and everything is fine.

14. Anesthesia


Showing allergic reactions to anesthesia is a very serious and dangerous case that can be lethal. The good news is that a skin test will tell you if you are allergic to anesthesia or not.

15. Sun


Sun-protective hats, sun glasses and comfortable, baggy and light-colored clothes are some ways of partially protecting yourself from the symptoms of this allergic reaction.

16. Cold


It can cause redness, itchiness and swelling on the skin.

17. Heat


Just as there are people who are allergic to cold, there are some who are allergic to hot. The allergic reaction starts after 5 minutes of exposure to 110 F. Exercise, hot shower, sauna, blankets, warm clothes, spicy food and even intense emotional states can trigger this allergy.

18. Exercise


Exercise allergy is triggered by a combination of reactions to heat and sweating and can be fatal. It requires being extra careful every day.

19. Hormones


Estrogen and progesterone, which are female hormones, can cause allergic reactions in women.

20. Chocolate


There are people who are allergic to chocolate, which is very popular among almost everybody, every age or gender group. It is pretty unlucky...

21. Sweet Potato


Sweet potatoes can cause allergic reactions both in children and adults.

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