21 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Crazy About School Supplies


That time of the year has finally come! Yes, I am talking about back to school shopping! Although this can be a drag for some people, for others, it is something that they very excitedly look forward to. Do you feel like you are in heaven every time you walk into a school/office supply shop? Even though you don't feel that happy about school starting, back to school shopping can be a lot of fun!

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1. It is called "back to school shopping," so the fact that school is starting is your sole excuse for this kind of shopping.

You walk on clouds while your friends are grumpy about having to go to school everyday.

2. You never wait until the last day to go shopping.

Waiting for the stores to run out of items is just not an option for you. 👌

3. Once you complete your shopping list, it is "go, go, go!" time for you.


4. Oh! All the aisles and all the items... Everything you have been dreaming of...


5. But you can never afford everything you want to buy.


6. You just have to categorize your folders.


Only one color per class or subject...

7. And there is also the notebook problem...


You see a nice notebook. You want to buy the notebook, but you have 10 other unused notebooks at home. You don't need a notebook. You won't even use it. So why the fuss? Don't buy the notebook. (Of course you buy the god damn notebook.)

8. You have a weak spot for pens, so you buy the 24 pack.


And 3-4 packs of those, just because you are responsible and think about the future. 😂

9. Pencils are holy items for you.


10. It doesn't matter if it is a ballpoint pen or crayons.

Every pen and pencil you buy, you feel the happiness filling your body.

11. Nothing can be as awesome as that first crayon set you buy.


12. You always go for clear cover binders.


So that customizing them is not an issue.

13. Cover design is a branch of art and you have mastered it!


14. After you return home, you just watch your treasure for hours.


15. You arrange your stuff a day before the school starts and be the most organized person on earth for a minute.


16. If you have a locker, you turn it into a masterpiece.


People line up to see and admire it.

17. If you hate school, back to school shopping is the only thing that saves you from depression.


18. You never want to share your precious items with anybody.

"What if he breaks my pen?"

19. And nothing feels as amazing as using your new stuff for the first time.


20. Because you know horrible things like this might happen.


It is like death itself.

21. But you remember the times when everything was brand new and shiny and look forward to the next year.

New books, notebooks, pens and colors will be awaiting you next year! ❤

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