20 GIFs Showing How Naive And Adorable Kids Are!


Children have the most naive and innocent feelings. They learn life gradually and during this process, we can witness many funny scenes. We compiled 20 of those scenes that will put a smile on your face.☺️

1. "I am putting them back in but the balls don't seem to end .😦"

2. The most important things is having faith; this is one determined little girl. ☺️

3. And what about this cute one, who is scared of her own shadow and trying to run away from it? 😂

4. "What counts is participation itself. It is OK if there is no winner." 🏃🏃

5. "There is something wrong with this hose but I shall succeed in drinking the water. 😇"

6. "But why does it disappear when I want to touch it? 😥"

7. And this is the masterpiece called 'the revenge of the young one." 😁

8. "What? What happened to its head? OMG! 😱"

9. "This thing is walking! AAAAGHHH! 😭😭"

10. "Foreign forces don't want me to have some chocolate. 😭"

11. "WTF is this? Ah God damn you all! 😫😫"

12. "I'm gonna get the f*ck out of here."

13. But why are you going so far in the sea? Oh, you poor thing! 😢

14. "Hmm, let me see... Considering the room for flexibility, I can def. get in there."

15. "Well, actually I didn't have to carry the slide. Who needs that sh*t, right? 😁"

16. "I shall become the child of nature, or the nature itself."

17. "I will run around the most in this house, you hear me? MEEEE!!! 🐶 "

18. "Aaaand WTF was that exactly? 😩"

19. "One, two, three, four, aaaaaand five!. 😂😂😂😂😂"

20. "Stooooop! You left me here!! Come back, you heartless bastards! 😭😭"

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