20 Facts Showing You're Turning Into Your Parents!


That day when you realize you've started behaving like your parents, who you've complained about your whole life. Well, it’s life.

1. When you try to find discounts at the grocery store.

“Oh its cheaper; I’ll get that one”

2. When you go to bed early and find it normal.

3. When you find it stupid to go out on weekdays.

“We need to go to work tomorrow. We’ll go out on the weekend”

4. When you start to like the movies that your parents like.

“They’re actually not that bad!!”

5. When you don’t go out with wet hair so you don't get sick

You wouldn’t care before, but things are changing now.

6. When it disturbs you to see people wearing thin clothes in cold weather

“Don’t you get cold like this? Put something on.”

7. When you realize the importance of saving.

8. When you wait for your pay check to buy something you want.

9. And you always have payday in the back of your mind.

10. When you criticize your friends for their own good.

“Look, you’re doing it wrong. I’m saying this for you; why would I care otherwise?”

11. When you gain the ability to make someone feel guilty, even though you are the guilty one.

You’ll try this on your kids in the future.

12. When you start to carry snacks in your bag.

13. You start being influenced by the other people’s comments

“They said they didn't like that place, we shouldn't go"

14. When you start to laugh at your own stupid jokes.

This feature comes as default when you get to those ages.

15. When one of your biggest pleasures is to come home and lay down in front of the TV.

16. When you try to eat healthy

“I’m already so fat!”

17. When you have your own grocery store discount card.

18. When you start to criticize other peoples' styles.

19. When you don’t know new music and bands.

“So what’s their thing? Pop or rock??”

20. And when your favorite compliment is “you look younger”

If these signs are increasing, congrats. You are just like your parents.

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