20 Adorable Cats Who Took Lazy To A Whole New Level


Most of you out there probably know about Garfield, the world’s most famous lazy cat. Well, below we have his real life brothers and sisters. These adorable cats make Garfield look like a whirlwind of energy and motion. These cats seem to have great lives… Doing whatever they want, eating, and sleeping all day long. Make sure to scroll all the way through the funny photo gallery of the laziest cats you will ever see.

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1. I told you we should have bought a second watermelon!

2. I wish spring would hurry up and get here...

3. I love package holidays!

4. My new manicure is just fabulous!

5. There’s nothing like watching the glorious sunset.

6. Hey...can you bring me a beer?

7. ...Change the channel!

8. Wake me up when September ends.

9. Time for sleep...we’ve got a hard day of relaxing to get through tomorrow!

10. Time for some TV before my tenth nap of the day...

11. Synchronised sleeping is an art we’ve managed to perfect over many years...

12. If you’re going to be jealous, please do it in silence!

13. Whatever it is that you want, it can wait.

14. Hey, you! Bring some firewood! I’m busy!

15. It’s nice and cosy in here!

16. Aaah...it’s been a long day...

17. He passed out...shall we call a taxi, or just leave him here?

18. What are friends for? To use as a mattress when you feel tired!

19. The perfect spot to catch some rays!

20. Life is short. Live it up!

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