19 Things You Must Definitely Do If You Want To Slowly Ruin Your Life


Are you still thinking of how to cope with life? Do you still have no idea how to deal with everyday problems you're facing? You've probably read many books and articles about how to lead a happy life. Well, forget all of them and lend me your ears, because I've come to bury your troubles not to praise them! Here are 19 things you should definitely do. Trust me, they all work. 👍

1. Believe that you are desperate for the bad course that your life is taking and get used to it.

2. Don't try different things during the day and become accustomed to laziness.

3. Belittle yourself thinking that others are smarter, more beautiful/handsome, more talented, and more courageous than you.

4. If you're hurt emotionally, watch a painful film or listen to a heartbreaking song. Instead of trying to make yourself feel better, try to make yourself feel worse.

5. Take the action to establish a lifelong relationship with a person you're not even able to have a conversation with.

6. Say, "Nothing will happen to me," and eat unhealthy. Start eating fatty foods and sugar.


7. Start believing the fairy tales in movies and books are real and isolate yourself from real life by believing you'll have a perfect life.

8. Live your life thinking what other people would think of you and let them draw the limits of what you do.

9. Postpone everything you dream of and when tomorrow comes, postpone them again.

10. Close yourself off from different views, look at the world from a narrow frame.

11. Spend your money on unnecessary things even though you have hard time paying the rent.

12. Smoke and drink alcohol like your body is your biggest enemy.


13. Avoid listening to constructive advice. Do what you please.

14. Go to schools you don't like and work at jobs you don't like.


15. Care about things that are not likely to happen and create problems for yourself.

16. Always blame others for the things you can't do.

17. Wait for happiness. Live like your life's a game written by somebody else.

Waste your days waiting for an owl to come to your window.

18. Always have people around you who belittle people, who see themselves as superior, and who are super bigots.


19. Trust everybody no matter what. Every time somebody shakes your confidence, keep on trusting anyway.

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