19 People Who Failed It But Then Almost Nailed It


You may not have as much luck like these people had when you fall. So don’t try these at home!

1. This is how you should split!

2. No words for this lady here. Totally nailed it.

3. A real dance partner!

4. This girl deserves 10 points. Don’t you think so?

5. "That was a part of the choreography!"

6. Don’t laugh! This could happen to any man!!

7. He’s pretending like he’s scratching his face but he’s actually having a Bell’s Palsy attack because he understood he’s on air.

8. "When I fall, I fall classy!"

9. This is even better than the last All Star slum dunk winner

10. “Someone fall? Me? No way, no..”

11. Things happen.. Even if you’re President of the United States of America.

12. “What have you been doing lately?”... “Breaking my chin. You?”

Lucky he’s still alive.

13. “Thank you, I had fun today.”.... “Yeah me too, but let me do push-ups one last time.”

14. “Yeah I hit my face, so what? Why you lookin'?”

15. “Welcome to our country, this is how we greet each other.”

16. I’m a break dancer, it’s my second job..

17. This kid is ready to deal with anything life throws at him.

18. “Oh well, shit happens. Let me continue by walking.”

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