19 Nightmares About Hosting Sleepovers!

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It’s a actually nice when we have people sleep over. It makes the house fun. But some people make us hate it! Here are some of them:

1. When they leave the bathroom dirty.

2. When they shower with your personal towel.

3. And use it also for their feet.

4. When they pick their nose comfortably.

5. When they fart.

6. When they break decibel records in the bathroom.

7. When they do extreme things, as if it’s their own house.

8. When they hog the remote.

9. When they raid the fridge in the middle of the night.

10. When they use your laptop without asking permission.

11. When they don’t like the food.

12. Or when they fill their plates up with food.

13. And burp.

14. When they sneakily listen to you.

15. When they have smelly feet.

16. When they scratch stupid parts of their body.

17. And when they touch everything without washing those hands.

18. When they don’t help with the dishes.

19. And when they leave without making their beds.

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