19 Legendary Design Disasters That Are Too Hilarious To Ignore!


“Good design is invisible. Bad design is everywhere,” they say. Well, that perfectly explains why many of the designs in this list went viral and made thousands of people laugh (or, cringe, of course). So if you’re thinking of hiring a cheap designer, here’s what to expect. You may not get what you want, but you’ll probably get a good laugh.

1. Isn't it a bit too early to get excited?

2. It looks like every single thing in this *thing* was thrown in there with photoshop. BUT more importantly, what’s the deal with that gondola silhouette?

3. Cool... Jizz?!!

4. "Wish you could let me in. :( "

5. Police car... with no wheels?

6. Here's another architect who screwed up their ONE job.

7. Cars these days...

8. Don't buy scissors if you don't have scissors.

9. 😁😁

10. Someone must have dropped the wrongest Rubik's cube here.

11. I'm pretty sure this isn't how you use a pie chart.

12. Don't play with your food, kid...

13. But I don't wanna. :(

14. Someone's hitting a ball. Well, kind of, I guess?

15. How hard was it to draw a f*cking wheel? I mean it's basically a circle?

16. Now this is just offensive.

17. Pizza slice identified waving people: Girls. Someone got gender studies very right.

18. 2007? 2017?

19. And here's a modern day Duchamp.

MITTEN: Middle. 

HÖGER: Right.


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