19 Hilarious Reactions To Pokémon Go


Pokemon Go is the hit new iOS/Android game that's taking the world by storm and getting people up and moving. While many European countries are still anxiously waiting for its release, Pokémon Go has already taken the world by storm! People are literally losing their sh*t over the game as it puts together generations of fandom into our pockets and takes us into the real world. Nintendo stocks are skyrocketing and the company is finally back on track after a long and unstable period.

But what's the catch? Go out, explore the world around you and "catch 'em all!" Easy, right? On top of all this, you get to battle with others, choose your team, and claim/defend your gyms (control points). But it's not all so pink. While Pokémon Go has already created a TON of memes and funny stories, there are many dangerous things to note about it, too!

1. Because you have to go outside to play

2. Because of the initial server problems when the game launched

3. Because the game is encouraging young people to get exercise in order to meet their goals

4. Because you can find Pokemon in the strangest places

5. The evolution of Pokemon

6. Because sometimes they get in the way

7. *Bangs head on wall*

8. Because of some of the Poke Stop locations make you wonder...

9. Because sometimes they infiltrate your house

10. Because this mofo is everywhere

11. Because Pokemon can pop up at the most inappropriate places

12. Because Nintendo is a genius corporation

13. Because not everyone's hip to the fad

14. This.

15. Gotta go!

16. When you cross paths with another player

17. Because, even though it's a game, it can be a great workout

18. Because you have priorities

19. More priorities

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