19 Hilarious Finalists Of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards!


Our favorite awards of the year are here. Because what can be funnier than these sincere photographs of wildlife... Animals make us think wildlife is so serious, but now they are busted! Here are the finalists of the comedy wildlife photography of this year. They are better than ever! Enjoy!

1. "Hehehe campers will shit their pants when they see me all of a sudden."

Photo: Alex Jevon

2. "What are you talking about Arnold! Who was that woman!!!?"

Photo: Brigitta Moser

3. "Helloo hoomaaan!"

Photo: Philip Marazzi

4. "NO Kyle we are going to listen to me and go this direction today!"

Photo: George Dian Balan

5. "Wait, I smiled too much! Take it again!"

Photo: Artyom Krivosheev

6. "This is my badass pose."

Photo: Gil Gofer

7. "HA HA HA you're so funny man!"

Photo: Yuzuru Masuda

8. "Are you the one going around taking pictures of naked owls?"

Photo: Megan Lorenz

9. "Bitch I'm fabulous!"

Photo: Anup Deodhar

10. "Humans be leaving these toilets so dirty..."

Photo: Caroline Tout

11. "Omg my mom is embarrassing me again... Just walk... away... quietly..."

Photo: Austin Thomas

12. "But... But it worked in cartoons!!"

Photo: Angela Bohlke

13. "Step 1, step 2 aand finaleeee!"

Photo: Usman Priyona

14. "When is this human going to stop taking pictures of me..."

Photo: Brigitta Moser

15. "WTF is that thing girls?"

Photo: Mario Gustavo Fiorucci

16. "Is there something on my head?"

Photo: Tom Stables

17. "OMG is that Rihanna??"

Photo: Nicholas De Vault

18. "I'm working on my human greeting."

Photo: Andy Howard

19. "Are you still mad at me love?"

Photo: Patricia Bauchman

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