19 Facts About One Of The Best Writers Of Past Century: Albert Camus


January 4th marks 51 years since the passing of influential French writer and thinker Albert Camus. In honor of his legacy, here are 19 facts about one of the most famous intellectuals of the 20th century.

1. Albert Camus was born in the small coastal town of Mondovi, Algeria, in 1913.

His father was from Bordeaux, and his mother had Spanish descent. Mondovi is a small coastal town. His family moved to the Belcourt section of Algiers after his father was killed in the Battle of Marne.

2. He was raised in poverty by his mother, Catherine Helene Sintes-Camus, an illiterate and partially deaf cleaning woman, and his grandmother, Madame Sintes.

3. Camus was an excellent student and he won a scholarship to attend high school.

4. Camus disliked being labelled an existentialist.

He also later disliked being associated with Absurdism, and at one point began refraining from saying “that’s absurd” in everyday conversations because people mistakenly thought he was making philosophical pronouncements.

5. Although he studied philosophy, he did not want to be recalled as a "philosopher" either.

6. In 1934, he joined the Communist Party in reaction to the rise of fascism in Europe. But he was eventually expelled from the Party for his support of Algerian nationalism.

7. Besides being a remarkable novelist, he was also a playwright and essayist.

8. Although he forcefully separated himself from existentialism, Camus posed one of the twentieth century's best-known existentialist questions, which launches The Myth of Sisyphus: “There is only one really serious philosophical question, and that is suicide.”

9. Despite all, Camus didn’t think we should despair. We shouldn’t commit suicide.

Because there is something about the pointless struggle of rolling that huge rock up the mountain like -Sisyphus did in his essay- that makes his life worth living. It is still preferable to death.

10. "Everything I know about morality and the obligations of men,” he once said, “I owe to football."

Albert Camus loved to play soccer but he had to stay away from soccer when he was 17 years due to tuberculosis.

11. When Camus was 21 years old, he married a daughter of a rich ophthalmologist, Simone Hie in 1934.

The marriage only last for two years. His wife was a morphine addict. But then he wedded Francine Faure. She was a mathematician and pianist. They had twins, Catherine and Jane in 1945.

12. However, Camus was involved with various affairs. One of the famous affairs was with Maria Casares.

13. Albert Camus visited the United States in 1946. While staying in New York, he visited the Central Park Zoo 20 times.

14. Camus was a lifelong smoker and it's difficult to find a photograph in which he is not holding a cigarette. He even had a cat named Cigarette.

15. Albert Camus won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957. The prize was awarded largely for his extended essay “Reflections on the Guillotine,” which argued against capital punishment.

He was the first African-born writer to receive the award. He was also the second youngest recipient of the prize and considered not accepting it. He worried that, among other things, it would negatively impact his writing.

16. On January 4, 1960, Camus was killed in a single car accident in the small town of Villeblevin while travelling to Paris. His publisher and friend Michel Gallimard also died in the accident.

In Camus’ pocket was an unused train ticket.

17. His once bitter rival Jean-Paul Sartre published a warm eulogy upon Camus’ death.

18. Also reportedly found in the car was a manuscript for the first part of a proposed epic autobiographical novel. The manuscript was later edited and published in 1995 by Camus’ daughter as The First Man.

19. The Stranger has twice been adapted into film, once by Italian director Luchino Visconti and again by Turkish director Zeki Demirkubuz.

"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal."

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