19 Crazy Little Things That Happen When You Get Engaged!


After the first shock wave of getting engaged wears off, it is time to announce it and start wedding preparations. Your friends and family might react in unexpected ways! Here are 19 funny situations you will probably find yourself in when you are engaged! Enjoy! 🤗

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1. You are dying to tell everyone ASAP, aren't you?


Although those around you are a bunch of tourists that don't even speak your language, you want to scream your lungs out and tell everyone!

2. And you start discussing with your partner about the most creative way possible to share the news!

Should you call? Should you send a text on WhatsApp? Should you update your relationship status on Facebook so that everyone knows about it?

3. When an elderly relative says "It was about time." it is just priceless!


We all know this type.

4. Talking about the proposal enough times that it finally aligns with your fantasy version?

You don't know which part is real and which isn't anymore.

5. And receiving messages from people you don't even know saying how much they are looking forward to the wedding.


They aren't even invited??

6. And let us make another 'wild' guess: your mom is more excited than you. She has already started planning her dress that she will wear to the wedding.

Dress fittings, browsing dresses, and shoes online, etc...

7. And the moment you realize you have nothing in common with your partner when you start planning the wedding.


İncluding arguments about a big or a small wedding...

8. And people start asking questions about the details of the wedding before you decide on anything


And I mean ALL the details!

9. Have you met the most annoying part of weddings? "The expenses!"

Have you considered if you REALLY want to get married yet?

10. And while you have to plan so many things, all others are concerned about is what are they gonna drink.

As if you didn't have enough problems...

11. When you see your browser history, you realize that you have been already trying to plan your dream wedding for years, but that you still don't have a tangible plan yet. And that disappointment...

What a great reason to have a heart attack!

12. As soon as you subscribe to a couple of wedding websites, your inbox will be bombarded by e-mails. Brace yourself!


Are you sure that marriage is still the right way to go?

13. You must have already developed an obsession in marriage and wedding themed shows on TV.


14. And almost everybody seems to have ideas about how your wedding should be.


And they share these ideas with you, even if you don't ask anything.

15. At least one of your parents will go nuts.

16. Marriage and wedding websites will replace all other sites you normally visit.

This is just soooo not you!

17. When are you going to have that talk about the "surnames?"

And you start writing down your soon-to-be your new surname everywhere to see if it looks good.

18. And if you have considered just running off at least now, don't worry, you aren't alone.

19. But when the interest, support and happiness of your friends and family combine with your emotions, the result is pure "happiness."

It must be comforting to see how happy others can be for you and that they will help you!

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