18 Things That Show You Had A Great Childhood


Which of us didn't do these? Onedio went way back and gathered most of the things we used to do as children. Enjoy =)

1. Trying to get into the washing machine.

2. Sticking our fingers together with glue.

3. Leaving one line of corn.

4. Putting a tangerine on your little finger.

5. Licking a battery.

6. Fixing the running water on the hole in the sink.

7. Putting pins on fingers.

8. Making imaginary teeth with pretzel sticks.

9. Giving interesting shapes to tape measures.

10. Attaching macaroni to a fork.

11. Taking the cream out of the cookies.

12. Filling the shampoo bottle with water.

13. Chewing on pencils.

14. Making signs on erasers.

15. Climbing the doors.

16. Putting a pin through your fingers.

17. Making a tent from pillows.

18. Stealing your grandma's sweetening.

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