18 Cute Cats Losing Their War With Bees!


We are already pretty used to cats being weird. Have you ever seen these weird and awesome creatures get stung by a bee or wasp? Off you go, then!

1. This one got stung in the nose.

It looks like it is wearing a clown nose, right?

2. Do you know what is is like to step on a bee while running?

Look at its right paw! So unfortunately cute!

3. Were you nagging too much you lil cat?

Maybe this was the bee's way of saying "Shut the f*ck up!"

4. "Bee isn't a good food choice."

Was it at least worth it you chubby ball of fur? :)

5. So here, we understand that paws do get bigger when stung!

We just hope that this cat won't b*tch-slap anybody with this paw.

6. Eating a wasp might turn you into Jay Leno

Shape-shifter, faceless man cat. :)

7. Huxley here has also tasted a bee.

With that jaw, this cat looks like someone important.

8. A true survivor!

"You should also see how f*cked up the bee is."

9. Don't play with fire... and with bees.

You little poor thing!

10. "Fighting was OK, but I shouldn't have eaten that damn bee."

"I made a horrible mistake."

11. "It was painful, but I finally look like a lion."

" 'Sup babe?"

12. Alice also sacrificed her paw.

"Is that a f*cking bee?"

13. "I thought we were just playing."

The bee seems to have 'kissed' this one on the cheek.

14. I told you not to do it!

"Stop smiling goddammit!"

15. "It isn't THAT swollen, right mom?"

- "Yes, baby, nothing happened." (Reality check: SWOLLEN AS F*CK!)

16. Bees aren't food... Bees aren't food... Bees aren't food...

"I have actually been to the dentist. It has nothing to do with bees."

17. "But the bee started it!"

"OK, my face may be swollen, but I had to defend my honor. A real man doesn't run away from fights."

18. "It was pissing me off, so I just ate it."

To eat or not to eat...

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