17 Typical American Things They Don't Realize Until They Are Abroad!

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Every country has its own habits of doing things. It is not the law but it's there. Here are 17 typical American things...

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1. "The prices abroad don't add tax after the fact. You pay what the price shows. No need to figure the tax. Dumb that we do that here."


2. "How fat we are. Like, I know we are when compared to the rest of the world."

"But it made me realize what I think is fat in the US, is grossly obese in Europe. And what's not-fit, but not-fat in the US, is fat is Europe.

There are some hamhogs over there but my god, returning home was an eye opener.

At least we don't smoke as much, I guess."


3. "Red plastic cups for parties. So much so that people outside US use them as an accessory to American themed parties."



4. "Garbage disposals in sinks."

"When I moved to the UK, my flatmates asked how in movies people would stick their hands in the sink drain and it be ripped apart. I told them about garbage disposals and they were very weirded out." @ShayBriar

5. "Root beer is apparently disgusting and an offense to most of the worlds palate."


6. "Buying stuff and the cashier putting your items in a plastic or paper bag. Went to Germany, and found it strange they don't bag your items."

"Everyone just brings their own bag or dumps their stuff in a back pack." @powerchoice

7. "Ranch flavor Doritos in the Netherlands are called "Cool American" flavor."


8. "Massively wide roads/lanes. The whole of Ireland made me feel claustrophobic, but when I got back home the roads felt like way too much wasted space."


9. "Having plenty of *FREE* bathrooms around for the public to use."


10. "24 hour stores. It's weird not being able to buy random sh*t at 4am..."


11. "At a buffet in Germany, I had to pay for ketchup."


12. "My British friend makes fun of me for how much cheese I use in my cooking."


13. "I was struck by the extent to which nobody talks to strangers in northern Europe..."

"Even in big cities in the US, people will talk to each other sometimes in line, on the subway, etc. Not deep conversations, but it isn't weird to make casual conversation." @badass_panda

14. "Almost all Americans has this habit of giving the 'half smile look' to anyone. That is not just normal anywhere else."


15. "Road trips...at least just jumping in the car and driving a few hours without giving it much thought."

"I live in a large western state and it seems at least every other weekend my family and I were in the car traveling for a few hours to see some site, go into Mexico or another state.

I have relatives in Switzerland and they were going to drive us to the Frankfurt airport and I was blown away how big of a deal it was to them. My uncle had the car inspected, shopped around for gas, and printed off travel and weather reports. All for a trip my dad would have said "hey lets do this this weekend, in the car kids!" @madisonpreggers

16. "Keeping AC on 100% of the time in the summer."

"Visited Madrid for about a month to see the exchange student we housed, and found that they typically only turn on AC at Night to sleep or when it reaches a damned 105 deg F." @GardenGnome35

17. "Being "friendly" to an extent."

"I checked in at a hostel and walked into the lounge area where people from all over the world were just chilling. I kinda introduced myself to the whole room, and someone goes, "you're from the states, yeah?" And I'm like, "yeah howd you know?" They said, "only an American will walk into a room of strangers and introduce themselves to everybody." @dude_with_amnesia

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