17 Things People Who Love Sexting Could Easily Relate To!


These scenarios will be familiar to you if you've sexted before or have become an expert on all things erotic!

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1. When you're cleaning the house or doing chores you suddenly get in a sexual mood.

2. If your partner asks what you're wearing, you describe the sexiest piece of cloth you own. Even if you're all cozy in pajamas.

3. Of course you have to prove it with a pic so you run to your closet. 🏃🏃

4. You've had help from your best friends to create masterpieces. 👬👭

5. None of these pics have your face in them. Obviously.

6. You comfortably write things you'd never do in real life and it just gets kinkier... and more ridiculous with time. 😁🙈

7. If you're a man, you ALWAYS send the same dick pic. 🍆🍆🍆

8. Sometimes your partner sends really vague messages and pics that you spend ages to make sense of.

9. It has always been and will always be the worst mistake in history of mankind to sext while texting your mom on the side.

10. If you use your work computer for messaging, unexpected incoming nudes may appear out of nowhere and put you in an embarrassing situation.

11. That moment when you see a nude pic and it marks as "seen"...

12. When all is over, it's been a workout for your fingers... You know, from all the texting. ;)

13. You are now an expert on writing erotic novels just with emojis. 🙊

14. Sometimes you don't feel like taking your nude pics so you find pics online and send those. Ones without a face. 🤗

15. If you're sexting in public there will always be someone peaking, or even watching the whole conversation without you noticing.

16. You know from experience that every nude pic that's sent is chosen from 568,745 that didn't make the cut.

17. Let's end with the absolute worst: Receiving "that" message when someone else has your phone.

And kids, that's what we call tragedy...

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