17 Things Only Night Owls Will Get!


There are two types of night owls: the ones going to bed late willingly, and the ones who can't get to sleep even if they want.

1. You stayed up at night to watch a movie or a tv series just once and broke out of your routine: Sleeping late becomes an instant habit.

2. You concentrate better at night on your homework, job or hobbies. You get inspired at night, your productivity hit record high.

Scientifically proven.

3. Every time you get bored you take a walk to the fridge, and having a look at inside several times is a must before going to bed.

4. Time flies at night, especially if you fall into a brown study or just dream about something.

You get into bed at 1am,  and you say 'it is 3am already?'

5. You sometimes go out to the balcony to get some fresh air, and have a look around whether there are other people who haven't slept yet or not.

You see a TV screen winking at you from a house.

6. You try to be quiet not to wake anyone probably because you are the only person who is up in the house.

7. When you hear something from outside, you get anxious about carjackers but it is probably because you needed a kind of an adventure.

8. Mom/Dad wakes up at night instantly, and questions 'are you still awake??'

Well, this is your daily routine. Innit?

9. Well, you made a mistake and try to sleep a bit earlier: Z's never ever come, and there'll be no position left that you haven't tried to go to sleep.

10. When you lay your head on your pillow, all sorts of ideas come across to your mind in that deep silence.

11. Because you are the latest sleeper in the house, you'll be the one who is affected by other's snoring.

12. Even if you need to wake up early on the next morning, you just CAN'T get to sleep, and the clock goes by.

13. We say 'sleeping late', but you can say 'sleeping early' as you get into bed at morning's first lights.

14. You got used to waking up at noon.

15. You never hit the ground running in the mornings.

16. On some days, there is an even more effective waker than alarm-clocks: A housefly! It wakes you despite of all your trouble, you just give up and get out of the bed.

17. You both want to make use of night time and start the day early, but you have to be chosen the night time.

All of these are actually only about getting away from the city crowd and stress and enjoy the silence of the night.

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