17 Reasons Why House M.D. Is Your Perfect Maniac!

> 17 Reasons Why House M.D. Is Your Perfect Maniac!

It’s been almost 5 years since House M.D. ended, but we still can't forget him. Dr. House, one of the most interesting characters in TV history, made people admire him with his unique personality. It’s good to remember his eccentric features that made everyone crazy. We do miss you, House!

Sarcasm incoming...

1. He values other’s opinions.

One of his well-known features is that he is always open to listening to other peoples' opinions.

2. He never insults people.

He always approaches them with sweet words. It’s not his thing to insult others.

3. He’s never interested in people’s food.

He knows how to find contentment with the things he has. He may starve, but he would never take another’s food.

4. He never gets into trouble because of his curiosity.

He’s always respectful of people’s private lives. He’s not curious, and never gets into people’s business.

5. He’s tender, forgiving.

He easily tolerates others and always has respect for people’s efforts.

6. He respects his job.

He always comes to work rested and ready. He never fools others about this and he’s always energetic.

7. He never shows his anger.

If he gets angry, he never shows it. He thinks and solves it from inside.

8. He’s always kind to his patients.

He tries hard to be kind and understanding towards his patients. He cares about their psych and always tries not to hurt them.

9. He’s respectful to the ones around him.

He always acts respectfully. He also tries to stay away from things that may humiliate them.

10. He’s a real grown up.

He never acts childish and proves how mature he is with every opportunity.

11. He’s a total diplomat.

He always knows what to say. He never makes a blunder or says something wrong.

12. He drinks alcohol and takes vicodin responsibly; he never gets drunk.

He's never come to work drunk or been wasted from drugs. He’s really careful about it.

13. He always looks good.

He always takes cares of his hair and beard, and never looks messy.

14. He’s extremely professional in his work life.

He’s always serious and consistent in his work place.

15. He gets along with his friends.

He’s the perfect friend. He doesn’t like stupid jokes, unnecessary intimacy and barefacedness.

16. Sex comes in 3rd, maybe 4th place.

One night stands are not his thing. He doesn’t like prostitutes and only likes to have sex with the ones he loves.

17. He never gets too close to his girlfriend in public.

Since he knows how to behave in public, he doesn’t go extreme.  He maintains distance and acts as if his girlfriend is a stranger.