17 People Who Find Unique Things In Thrift Stores Couldn't Believe Their Luck!


One person's trash is another person's new favorite item!

1. "Couldn't resist this 70s rainbow kettle for $7"

2. "The best $1.99 I will ever spend in my lifetime"

3. "Found a camera in a thrift store that belonged to a soldier in WW1. Has undeveloped verichrome film in the back"

4. "Thrift store, three bucks. Pete painted this block of wood for 14 years, almost every day"

5. "As a 100% straight man, I had to have this shirt"

6. "My new lunch box, thanks goodwill"

7. "Found these weird ass salt and pepper shakers. A giraffe eating a tourist’s toupee"

8. "Best $10 I’ve ever spent"

9. "$10 at a local garage sale! The old lady didn't even remember what it was at first"

10. "This thrift store photo is my doppelganger"

11. "Someone who works at a charity shop put Jeff Goldblum in every single photo frame"

12. "Sometimes you find treasures, sometimes treasures find you"

13. "$8 at a garage sale. They didn't know what it was. Neither do I!"

14. "This thrift shop sells thousands of random family photos"

15. "I found this tracksuit at goodwill. Had to try and recreate this childhood photo circa 1993"

16. "Local thrift store has gotten too thrifty"

17. "Came across this while at thrift store today"

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