17 Astounding Facts Prove That China Lives In A Parallel Universe!


In China, a huge number of great creations have been made that changed the entire world. Furthermore, there’s much to be surprised about there. Here bizarre facts about China prove that they are living in a parallel universe!

1. In China, companies hang nets around their buildings to prevent suicides.

2. Some Chinese cities have vending machines that sell live crabs in plastic.

3. Teabucks is a Chinese teahouse chain created in the image of the American Starbucks.

4. Wearing pajamas in public is completely fine.

5. Due to the high smog levels all over the country, Chinese stores sell bottles of fresh air.

6. Team exercises in the open air help Chinese people stay in good shape.

7. Chinese people always carry a thermos with hot water with them to prevent diseases.

8. Children wear pants with holes to relieve themselves where they want. It's for toilet training.

9. Many residents of China have to wear medical masks due to over-polluted air.

10. From serving dishes to cooking, all is done by robots in several restaurants.

11. They eat everything that moves.

12. Also they have very exotic street foods like scorpion on a stick.

13. China is the only place you can see whole sharks and crocodiles for sale.

14. Chinese police use geese as an alternative to dogs.

15. You can get your hair cut and your face shaved in street barbers.

16. This massive stone formations are estimated to be 270 million years old.

17. Chinese New Year goes on for 15 days.

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