16 Weird Photos Going All So Very WTF?!!


These photos will drag you through many different feelings at the same time. What would you say if you were the one who was taking these photos? 

"WTF, dude?!!"

1. The moment you thought you defeated your fear of flying, you see something like this...

2. "What is going on there?"

3. "Would you like to sit and rest for a while on this chair?"

4. Who wants to take a shortcut and jump from here?

5. "Hate to say I told you so but THIS IS MY SPOT!!!"

6. "Could you please stop screaming?! All I wanted was to take a shower. What is all this fuss?!"

7. Fandom level?!?!


8. So there is no filling station attendant? Thanks but no thanks. I'll pass this one.

9. That poor thing inside your ice cream

10. "Hey Croc, we're having humans for dinner!" -"YAY!!!"

11. This should be written on that license plate: "Something is not right with me"

12. So you are cycling in the woods and this happened. What would you do?

Catch me if you can!
Sorry for bothering you Mr. Crocodile. It won't happen again, I promise.

13. Life teaches you things the hard way...

14. "So your child is making your life hell? This park is designed just for them!"


15. "Is that Ghost Rider in your coffee cup?!!"


16. Living proof that fast food is really unhealthy...


Swag... On a second thought maybe not.

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