16 Only Sister Things!


1. You always laugh a lot together.

Sometimes you don't even need words! Just one look will never be enough to communicate.

2. She'll always give you the best compliments.

3. When you're going through a rough time, she will be always there to support you.

4. She is your first liker on your all social media accounts.

5. You can't be mad at her for long.

6. You share the same music taste.

7. Her insults never hurt you.

8. She can read your mind. You can read hers as well.

9. She actually cares about you when you tell her about your problems.

10. She always has your back.

11. You have all-access pass to her closet.

12. You can't tell her a lie without being caught. She knows you too well.

13. If you have good news, you party together.

14. You share the same interests and hobbies.

15. She always have time for you.

16. You know each other's dirtiest secrets.

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