16 LifeProTips That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Life!


/r/LifeProTips on Reddit is full of juicy tricks on how to hack your life for the better.  We've gathered some of the most mind-blowing tips submitted from redditors to share with you today.  Enjoy!

"LPT: Increase your 401k contribution by 1 or 2 percent each time you get a pay increase. You won't even notice the change and it will add up!"

submitted by amid0ingthisright

"LPT: When changing a tyre, loosen the nuts before you jack up the car. It's much easier to loosen nuts when the car is down, especially if they are tight and need a little more force to loosen them."

submitted by RedditAussie

"LPT: If you have a standing desk, make sure it's raised before you leave the office for the day. You'll be more likely to keep it that way when you arrive the next morning."

submitted by ela6532

"LPT: Bypass the "You have reached your maximum free articles" for online newspapers or magazines by opening the article in private browsing mode"

submitted by mikerichh

"LPT: When signing up to websites, set your birthday to a day in December. That way when they send out promotional birthday vouchers, you can use them to save money on Christmas gifts."

submitted by mellinade

"LPT : Do not sit on a wallet. It will, over time, compress a nerve and cause back pain."

submitted by AlastarHickey

"LPT: when you know you'll need to spend $2K-3K in the next few weeks (and have the cash), sign up for a credit card with bonus flyer miles, charge it then pay off right away. Easily gets you $400-$500 in flight miles."

submitted by Laserguy1979

"LPT: Buy one bottle of fancy wine. Refill it with cheap wine and no one will know."

submitted by Trillogens

"LPT - When house shopping, visit all the surrounding grocery stores. This will tell you all you need to know about the neighborhood."

submitted by Resevordg

"LPT: If you start class tomorrow, screenshot your schedule and set it as the lock screen picture on your phone."

submitted by nadroj37

"LPT Add ?share=1 at the end of a Quora link, you will be able to read it without logging into the site."

submitted by pixels625

"LPT: Mute the self-checkout lane for quicker scanning"

submitted by skiz420

"LPT: If you have to change flights last minute, check the weather in your departure and arrival location. If there is bad weather most airlines will allow you to change your flight for free"

submitted by IcelandicDave

"LPT: If you live in a European country that bans self defense weapons, such as mace or tasers, keep a can of baking spray in your purse for truly life threatening situations. They are extremely harmful to attackers, and can easily be passed off as "Just picked up from the store"

submitted by StrangerJ

"LPT: If your pet has gone missing, go on longer, farer walks that lead back to your home, touching trees and plants on the way. This will help your pet pick up your scent and guide them back."

submitted by Fighter0fTheNightm4n

"LPT: For spell checking, read backwards. Your brains won't automatically correct the words."

submitted by 21whoamI

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