16 Creative Works Of An Artist Who Creates Animal Spirits Using Watercolor


Watercolor paintings are the best when used wisely and uniquely. We have a lot creativity to show in this content, which we compiled from Bored Panda. But who created these amazing paintings and what was the reason behind? Find the details below!

Source: http://www.boredpanda.com/i-create-anima...

The creator of these creative paintings is an Indonesian watercolor artist.

Our artist, Reza, uploaded his work online a year ago for the first time.

Since then, his work is more recognized and appreciated by society.

His work receives compliments from all around the world.

“For me, drawing those paintings is almost a daily routine,” Reza says.

He considers painting as a lifestyle, more than just a job to do.

Reza says that the main ideas of his paintings are inspired by social relationships of humans.

His paintings reflect positive human emotions like love and affection.

And he also emphasizes that they’re realistic and don’t only reflect positive things.

He tries to communicate conflicts and rivalry within society with his paintings too.

“Personally, I think animals are only slightly different from human beings.”

“They interact with each other and try to survive the same as we do.”

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