17 Creepy Drawings By Schizophrenics To See The World Through Their Eyes



The worst among all the other psychotic disorders.

Maybe the most complex point a human brain can reach.

Not knowing what’s real, not being aware of the disease.

Claiming what is seen to be concrete, not accepting the disease.

The list goes on, but we could never understand what’s happening in their brain. Not even 10% of it.

Until people who are suffering from Schizophrenia drew their concrete reality and other beings in their minds.

1. This one was drawn by Karen Blair in 1929 while she was in the hospital.

2. A creepy drawing by Allen Ginsberg, representing different minds that come out of his mind.

3. This one was drawn by an unknown schizophrenic patient, telling us about the paranoias that lie deep in his/her mind.

4. Drawing by Erik Baumann in the 1950s where he illustrated his own mind.

5. A drawing by Charles Steffen about his obsessions while he was in a mental hospital in the 1950s.

6. A drawing by a patient in mental hospital suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

7. A drawing by a paranoid schizophrenic where he portrayed one of his hallucinations.

8. Another drawing by a schizophrenic patient while in the mental hospital.

9. Drawn by a schizophrenic patient in the 1920s while in a mental hospital, entitled as “Motifs of Mania.”

10. Karen May Sorensen drew this one when she was ‘pushing the boundaries of madness.’

11. Louis Wain shows his mental change through this series of paintings of cats in the early 1900s after his disease was diagnosed.

12. A spooky drawing by schizophrenic Johfra Draak in 1965.

13. Another drawing by Draak in 1967.

14. A drawing of hallucinations by another patient.

15. This one was drawn by Martin Ramirez, who was an artist suffering from schizophrenia in 1950.

16. A painting by Bryan Charnley; trying to communicate his depressions.

17. Visual hallucinations of a schizophrenic patient.

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