Can You Guess Which One Of These Paintings Are Modern Art Or Made By Kids?

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Modern art is confusing for some us. Paintings that you think you could create yourself can sometimes be sold for millions of dollars and receive a bunch of compliments. What is accepted as art is also a controversial topic. It’s sometimes hard to distinguish between modern art and a painting that was made by a kid. Let’s see if you can distinguish between the two!

1. Can you guess which one was painted by a kid?

2. What about here?

3. Which one of these?

4. Continue to find the kid’s work..

5. Pretty difficult, huh?

6. Almost no difference.

7. Can you find the one here?

8. Which one?

9. It’s hard to decide.

10. What about these?

11. Here?

12. Look carefully.

13. Which one could be painted by a kid?

14. The difference is sometimes insanely slight.

15. Find the painting of a kid and let’s see the result!

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