16 Cool Things About Having An Older Sister!


She's there when you need someone to listen to you. She takes good care of you and always will.

1. She loves you more than anyone else loves you. Except one person…

The Oscar goes to your mother...

2. She always backs you up when you are arguing with your parents.

3. She knows everything about your crush at school.

4. She knows everything that you can’t tell your parents.

5. She's the perfect role model.

6. She puts up with you when you’re acting spoiled.

7. You always argue, but you also always forgive each other.

8. You don't need a bank account or a job. She's always there for you when you are totally broke.

9. When she moves out, it’s the best and worst day of your life.

10. You know you’ll always get the bigger piece of cake.

11. You learned what love is at an early age.

12. You know the real meaning of "I got your back".

13. You have the freedom to make mistakes.

14. You make all those errors again and again.

15. You have your clothes...and hers.

16. First day of school... Being alone...Darkness...These fears don’t bother you.

You know the meaning of love without expectation.

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