15 Weird Things You Won't Believe Really Happened During Rio 2016


The 2016 Rio Olympics were great, just like the others. However, Rio witnessed a lot of weird stuff during the games. Some of these are really really mind blowing! 😄

1. A green swimming pool that smells like farts.


This pool doesn't look very tempting does it? The Olympic pool's water turned green and swimmers claimed that the pool smelled terrible.

Authorities have given a lot of explanations about the incident, however none of them seem very convincing. There was a significant change in the water's pH values, there was green algae in the pool, and so on...

All lies! If you do your things in the pool, it's normal that it turns this color.😇

2. The keys to the Maracanã Stadium were lost. The fireman were called to open the doors of the stadium.

3. Olympic athletes complaining about the pollution on the Guanabara Gulf.


Many athletes complained about the facilities of the Rio 2016 Olympics. The sailing races that are done over the Guanabara Gulf was the peaking point.

The athletes claimed that they have to close their mouths so that the trash won't get in.

Some Brazilians were furious about this. They claimed that the gulf is spread around 400 km2 and the polluted part is only a small portion of the whole.

4. "I would be the Michael Phelps of swimming if he didn't exist!"


Ryan got a golden medal in the Men's 4x200m freestyle relay in Rio 2016.

His words spawned many debates around the Olympics.

5. Santo Condorelli, who gives the finger to his father before every swimming race.


The Canadian athlete claimed that this is a family tradition and showing the finger to his father brings him luck and motivates him.

Weird 😁

6. Japanese athlete Hiroki Ogita, who knocked down the sticks with his erect penis.


Hiroki might have failed in the contest however his penis made him really famous among women.

Size matters😂

7. "I ran like a dick!" by Martyn Rooney


Men's 400m athlete Martyn Rooney couldn't win a medal though he had a good performance in the race.

Right after the relay, he tweeted this to criticize his own performance: "I ran like a dick!" He then published another tweet to apologize for this unfortunate statement.

8. Brazilian drug dealers made a cocaine pack with the Rio 2016 brand.

These people are very considerate, don't you think...😱😅

9. A photo that is depicting the differences of countries: Egyptian Doaa Elghobashy and German Kira Walkenhorst.


10. Another event that will be remembered for a long time: French athlete Yohann Diniz fainted 2 times and pooped his pants during the 50 km relay.


Nevertheless, he finished the race 7th.

The world is still talking about his performance. Though, Diniz went through terrible things during the race, he is awarded with chivalry for his ambitious performance.


11. The Brazilian Female athlete who sends away her roommate to have sex.


Brazilian Ingrid Oliveira wanted to spend the night with a rowing athlete and sent her roommate Giovanni Pedrosa away from the room.

Pedrosa had to spend the night somewhere else and she complained to their coach about this first thing in the morning.

Well, the consequences of this are not so bright. These two came second in the contest.😅

12. Another interesting thing about the Olympics was the cupping technique.


Many athletes have drawn attention to them with their bruised backs.

13. French fencing athlete Enzo Lefort dropped his cell phone from his pocket when he was competing with his German rival.


When he was asked about this situation, he claimed that he forgot it was in his pocket.

Enzo was really excited 😳

14. Hollander gymnast Yuri van Gelder was expelled from the national team when he showed up drunk in the Olympic village.


More like King of the Drinks 😅

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