15 Ways Being Too Cheerful Can Turn Your Life Into Hell


Smile, always smile…It’s nice to be nice…These are good things but they can really make your life miserable at points.

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1. You always stop and try the new products at the store.

From fermented goods to new olive oil hand lotions, all the products you don’t really need, you try to be nice.

2. You look too shallow. People will always try to scam you.

It’s nice to be nice but sometimes people think you’re an easy target.

3. People think you don’t have your own personal space.

Awkward kisses, feeling the hair, or constantly asking different things. Leave me alone!

4. If you are a woman, all men think you are hitting on them.

She smiled at me! She must love me. This is so nice!

5. You can’t have the hair style you want. Ever…

Because you are just too nice to say you don’t want that haircut. Then they just use you as a practice object…

6. People share their deepest secrets with you.

  • Don’t think this is too good. These secrets become unbearable after a while!

7. People don’t feel awkward leaning into you when they talk. (Refer to number 3)

Did you just lick my earlobe?

8. They are always TOO pushy when you feel down. As if you can’t feel upset. “Talk to me, what’s wrong. I said talk to me!”

9. You are like Google Maps. People always get directions from you.

Not just tourists but all the street salesmen, flyer guys and more. They always come to you.

10. People think you are the shop assistant in every store you browse.

Excuse me, do you have this in XXL? 

I don’t know. Do we?

11. You’re the only table the waiter does not attend as fast as he promised.


He knows you’ll tip him anyways…

12. When you say you’re okay just to pretend, people think you are ok. But you are not…

13. Your partners think the fight is over because you stopped looking angry.


14. You endure long and boring conversations for hours. People think you are actually enjoying it.

15. You never negotiate. You always buy things for the retail price.

Bonus – You can’t be certain things in your professional career. A chief, a guard, a manager and so on…

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