15 Tips To Make Sure You End Up Dying A Loner!


We really wish you wouldn't. But hey, we all have different tastes. Some people vote for Trump, some people don't. 

PS: All these methods are tested and approved. 😂😂

1. Do not have any self confidince.

2. Do not leave your house.

3. Stay away from people.

4. Join conversations with your blank stare on.

5. Be shy.

6. Do not trust anyone.

7. Be a workaholic.

8. Be a pessimist and do nothing about it.

9. Just go read some books all the freaking time!

10. Do the same things everyday. Avoid new stuff.

11. Be kind.

Yep. People do not appreciate kindness.

12. Try to make others happy.

Cause you will not get anything in return.

13. Do a Ph.D.

Your graduation will come some day...HAHAHAHA NOT!

14. Always tell the truth.

15. Be a perfectionist.

16. Get stuck in the past.

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