15 Things Alzheimer's Does To Patients And Their Loved Ones


Not many people are aware of this disease, and nobody would wish it for their loved ones. Alzheimer's causes permanent deterioration that you just have to live with it. Here are what Alzheimer patients and their families go through.

1. During the first stage of this neurological disease, patients have difficulty in finding the right words or finding their way in unfamiliar places. It is sad to forget things one by one.


The patients can't register new information in their short term memory, and don't accept the disease, so the frustration causes anger. The people around them can't understand what's going on if they don't have experience or knowledge of Alzheimer's.

2. And then, they start forgetting the new memories, have trouble expressing themselves and start forgetting the faces that they know.


They start looking at their loved ones as if they didn't know them.

3. During the final stage, the patients can't remember anything except some small pieces of memories. They need to be taken care of, and may not be able to speak more than a couple of words.


4. Or, they can articulate irrelevant and meaningless sounds, which is hard to see, believe and accept for the people around them.


5. The healthy, happy and peaceful days are just in the past now.


6. People around them are both thankful that they are still alive and sad, wondering why this has happened.


7. Sometimes, you show them the old photos, hoping that it might help. If they show even a bit of a reaction, you feel like the happiest person in the world.


8. You deceive yourself by thinking "Maybe it will get better."


9. It destroys you that the person you have been living with for years can't even get dressed without help.


10. It destroys you that the person you have been living with for years can't even get dressed without help.


11. They are as in need of care and love as a little child. They become the center of your life all of a sudden.


12. You devote most of your day to taking care of everything and trying to provide more comfort.


13. The more the disease advances, the more regrets you have about the past. Instead of getting used to it, you start to question and judge yourself.


14. Now it is your turn to take care of the person that took care of you for many years.


15. Although you want to believe in the saying "time heals everything," you know this isn't the case and try to spend more time with them.


Bonus: "If you have a loved one with Alzheimer's, you have to learn how to swim in the sea of memories."

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