15 Extremely Creative Bus Ads Perfectly Nailing It!


The world of advertising has no limits...These buses show how far creativity and out of the box thinking can go! We guarantee you'll take second or even third look at these ads!

1. Use the goddamn crosswalk!

2. These eyes give such deep looks!

3. An ad suited just perfectly for the movie...

4. Getting really creative here, you guys!

5. No one messes with King Kong!

6. Tsk tsk tsk...

7. Rudolph, is that you?!

8. This is just awesome isn't it?

9. Not sure if this one would encourage zoo visits, but still, great job!

10. Or this...

11. RAWRR!

12. We think this one is dedicated to the hasty rush hour people.

13. This one will catch everyone's eyes for sure!

14. Expectations vs. reality. :(

15. And the famous X Games ad!

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