15 Experiences To Relate If Your Sibling Is Much Older/Younger!


Forming a family is hard on its own, let alone having kids. But when you decide to take that big step and be a 4-people family, things might get interesting for your first born. Especially, if you've decided to have another kid 10+ years later!

1. The older one is often exposed to the inexperience of their parents.


Mind the t-shirt of the father...

2. You find it very weird when two other similar aged siblings get into a physical fight.


The hell is wrong with you guys?

3. Especially when you were young, you confused your parents with an older brother and sister.


4. If you're the little one, there's always someone cooler than your parents you can go to.


5. You both had lots of time to feel like you were the only chid.


Before the little one arrived, you had long years of freedom, but right after you leave home, the little one's kingdom will be established!

6. You always had a better sense of music; all thanks to them!


All the other kids were jealous of your CDs and cassettes.

7. If the age difference is really big, people might think you have a child!


What? Freaks!

8. But as they grow up, you will always face "Which one is older now?" questions.


9. If you're the older one, you can easily rely on the little one since he/she will figure out all the cool gadgets way before you.


10. The real magic starts when they grow up and you start hanging out together...



11. It's both annoying and awesome how they copy you. But you secretly like it and feel proud.


12. You can't stop wishing you were the bigger one because your generation looks so dumb and stupid.


13. When you start comparing yourself, you feel like you've accomplished nothing so far!


Take it easy, you'll get there...

14. As the older sibling, you get to watch them grow and be proud of how they start shaping up their own lives!


Our little one has grown up so fast!

15. Age difference, interests or other conditions will never stop you two from being very close!


I love you tooo!

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