15 Epic-Fail Architects Who Should Really Consider Taking Another Job!


Architects have the capability to create strongest and sturdiest buildings and structures from scratch. This is the reason why architecture is a respected occupation. Well, maybe we should add most of the time to that sentence. The following architects managed to create the biggest fails that would embarrass all the other architectures. 

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1. Who knew that being handicapped was considered as an extreme sport in Cabo San Lucas?

2. This sh*t actually happens in a design school!

3. Locking in the hydrant is the best thing you can do!

4. Can't touch this?

5. Well, something is not right.

6. Life is meaningless and so is this pathway to nowhere...

7. Was this really necessary?

8. So I wanted to have some privacy...

9. This ATM is especially designed to keep you fit.

10. Exactly as designed!

11. WHY?

12. Because I can punch a glass window with a black pipe!

13. These almost balconies...

14. Staircase to nowhere

15. You had one job!

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