15 Common Features of People Who Cannot be Estranged From Anyone In No Way

> 15 Common Features of People Who Cannot be Estranged From Anyone In No Way

You probably have a friend like this for sure. They can never take a stance, and they also can never get mad at

anyone. They are the true symbol of goodness. Their goodness inside flows all around and that goodness will be all over the world some day! (We hope!)

1. They are ingenuous and they never hold a grudge.

Even if someone harms them, they forget about it immediately the next day.

2. They are always full of love and you can't really have a fight with them.

They would never want to lose a friend because of little things.

3. Helpfulness runs in their blood, they enjoy helping people a lot.

They blame themselves if they don’t help a person in need.

4. They are true forgivers. It is really hard for them to remain mad at anyone. They even forgive people without expecting an apology.

5. When they think of something, they leave their ego behind. They always emphatize with you.

6. They laugh even at your really really bad, stinking jokes. They don’t resent.

7. They are good at clearing the tense atmosphere.

8. They share your grief, if you are ever in trouble or have a problem. They do their best to help you through the problem, too.

9. And they’d be happy for you if you achieve something as much as their own success. They are never jealous of other people’s accomplishment.

10. They are always cheerful. You can see them smiling among other people all the time.

11. Because they wouldn’t want to bother people with their troubles, they camouflage their distress with their smile.

12. Even if no one sees it, they might be going through a maelstrom and crying a river inside. They don’t talk about it, they just can’t...

13. Sometimes a warm sincere cuddle would be enough to cheer them up.

14. Even if their hearts are broken, they keep it inside to avoid upsetting you.

15. But if you have really crossed the line and broke their heart really badly, they just disappear silently.

Do not upset them. Because they have the heart of an angel.