15 Childhood Habits That Still Make Us Randomly Happy


Some of the small details in our day-to-day life not only give us a taste of nostalgia, but also a kind of pure happiness that is difficult to express with words. This sense of peace may be a result of the fact that these habits date back to our most innocent times: our childhood. Let's see the things that we still do as adults which take us back to those old times and make us happy.

1. Stepping on the dry leaves in autumn and listening to their crunchy sound.


2. Skipping stones by a lake, sea, river, etc.


3. Kicking a pebble you saw while walking on the streets, all the way up to your destination and maybe changing your route if necessary in order not to give up on that pebble


4. Trying to walk without stepping on the lines, or completing each step by passing a particular number of lines


5. Although we might have stopped jumping right into it some time ago, at least stepping carefully into a puddle and then examining the shoe prints we leave on the street

6. Leaving shoe prints on fresh snow and listening to that satisfying sound the snow makes under your feet


7. Making up words from the licence plates of the cars passing by us in traffic.

Giggling like a young child if the letters are something like "VGN" , "SHT", "FCK".

8. Not settling for only peeling the skin of mandarins, but also peeling the membrane as well


9. Burning hair in candle fire


10. Soaking cotton in melted candle wax, watching it solidify on the tip of the candle, and then peeling the wax layer off with great pleasure


11. Spinning the coin under your finger on the table by giving it that little push


12. Building things with dominos


13. Picking anthers while hiking


14. Wearing strawberries and mandarins on your finger tips and eating them just like this:


15. Blowing dandelions

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