14 Things You'll Understand If You're Being Friendzoned!


The sentence "If only I could find someone like you!" is usually used by girls to friendzone their male friends. They have actually found someone like him, but the person they want is just somebody else. It doesn't make sense, does it? Men haven't been able to understand it for years, either.

1. With this sentence, women actually mean "It doesn't matter who it is, as long as it isn't you."

2. Or: "You're actually a nice guy, but..."

3. How clearer can she get? She wants to say "I'm not into you."

4. The message that is clearly conveyed here is "We're just friends and we shall remain friends forever."

5. "There's no place for you in my love life" is what she means.

6. Maybe she just wants to pay you a compliment.

7. Or she wants to say she is into you to spark your interest, because you kinda look indifferent.

8. Or, if you have somehow shown your interest, she is just replying to you.

9. Or she is trying to let you know about her interest in your best friend, but in a subtle way.


10. She might even be interested in your brother.

11. She might want to leave the door open for you so that you can open up to her.

12. She might only be testing you, be careful!

13. She might also be saying "I have had it with your inaction!"

14. If you are already in a relationship, this could be just testing the waters to see if you would break up with your girlfriend.

Bonus - She might have said this just for the hell of it. Stop reading too much into it and calm the f*ck down.

The bottom line: Yes, relationships and emotions are complicated and not predictable. Whichever interpretation you take, you won't get it right. Just don't worry about it, let it be: f*ck it.

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