14 Potential Situations To Come Across After Deciding To Eat Healthy


We've already accepted all the diets we failed to complete. We also know that willpower is an asshole that acts the way it wants and is very hard to control. We believe that as much as we make peace with this situation, our diets will get easier. Here is a funny list of potential situations every person on a diet comes across once or twice (or maybe many times) in their days.

1. At first, whenever you see an unhealthy meal, you talk shit about it.


- Burger? No thanks. I didn't eat egg whites this morning for nothing, dear.

- Well, there are so many chemicals in that packaged meal.

- I am not on a weight loss diet, this is me changing the way I live.

2. Before the day even starts, your coworker brings her birthday cake.


- One slice won't hurt you.

- Ok, but that slice is too big, so I will share it with somebody. I will only get ONE BITE.

3. When it is time for lunch, you still feel pretty pumped about your diet.


You swore to yourself that you would eat that salad! You are strong!

4. After you concentrate on your work for a while, your inner voice starts whispering to you.

- I am going to drink tea, but I can't find the protein bars.

- We are going to order fries, you want in?


5. To feel less guilty, you palm half of the burger off on your friend who is also on a diet.


- These are carbs, Samantha. Carbs are okay, don't worry! It has protein in it. You even eat it after you work out.

Please eat it.

6. After you felt enough guilt for the burger, you go to the gym.


- I didn't really eat anything outrageous, it is just a slice of cake and a burger!

The important thing is to eat it before 6 pm anyway.

7. And then comes the calorie calculations.

- Now I have been walking for 12 minutes which means 78 calories and the pizza I ate today was 220 calories thenn ummh....

8. You fool yourself like...


I should cook myself something healthy and tasty like that cauliflower pizza I saw the other day! It looked real!

9. But of course it didn't turn out like the image you saw...


You put 8 layers of cheese just to make it tasty.

10. While you are in that cranky mood, you will hop in your car and go to the nearest drive-thru in an instant.


- Should I order pizza, Chinese food or go to the drive through, cook pasta or go to mom? Maybe I should just order deserts.

11. Until you see yourself in the mirror.



12. For this reason, you keep checking the inspirational blogs you've found.


This vicious cycle never ends, you start thinking that you should go to the grocery store tomorrow to buy some groceries and cook what you saw on the blog, again.

13. Going to bed with tears in your eyes, and hunger in your stomach..


If you attacked the fridge in this process, congratulations - you broke another diet!

14. Aaand the winner is...


If you didn't attack the fridge as predicted, congratulations - now you have willpower!

You can try all of this again tomorrow..

Good luck!

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