14 Miraculous Health Benefits Of Flax Seeds


Flax seeds, which we know to be a great source of Omega-3 and fiber, have amazing health benefits. You can avoid certain diseases and support your weight management by consuming these seeds correctly.

P.S.: We recommend that you follow the usage tips and consult your physician.

1. A great Omega-3 source!

Omega-3 fatty acids regulate functions when it comes to blood pressure, immune system and fat burning. Its deficiency may cause slower growth, eye problems, problems with learning ability, numbness in arms and legs, and behavioral changes. You can avoid all of this by consuming flax seeds, which are very rich in Omega-3.

2. War against cancer cells


The high fiber levels of flax seed are helpful with battling with breast, prostate, brain, colon and skin cancer and they also support recovery process. Moreover, consuming flax seeds can be preventive against some types of cancer.

3. Regulating digestive system

Eating 1-2 tea spoons of flax seeds and drinking two glasses of water before going to bed is helpful against constipation.

4. Balancing your blood sugar


Consuming flax seeds is effective for treatment of diabetes as it regulates blood sugar levels.

5. Strengthening your memory!


Thanks to the rich amounts of Omega-3 flax seeds contain, they strengthen memory and increase concentration.

6. Stronger bones!


The positive charged minerals that flax seeds contain, such as phytic acid, zinc and calcium have a positive effect on bone growth and strength.

7. Protection against cardio-vascular diseases

Flax seeds also contain alpha-linolenic acid, which decreases the likelihood of cardio-vascular diseases.

8. A boost for your immune system!


Omega-3 is an important component for our immune system. Hence, consuming flax seeds also boosts your immune system.

9. Balance your cholesterol!


According to scientific studies, Omega-3 and 6, which are contained in flax seeds, help with balancing cholesterol.

10. Menopause relief!


Flax seeds alleviate the negative effects of menopause. They also strengthen the neural system and help against mental disorders.

11. Treating psoriasis!

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Psoriasis, eczema, calluses and fungi can be treated with a flax seed compress!

12. Alleviating rheumatism-related aches


Flax seeds are also said to work magic against such aches.

13. Weight loss


When used cautiously and in the right amounts, flax seeds help you lose weight by regulating bowel movements and speeding up the digestive system.

14. Natural expectorant!

Flax seeds are also helpful against respiratory tract diseases and in soothing coughing.

How to consume flax seeds:


P.S.: In order to avoid losing the vitamins and minerals upon contact with air, we recommend you grind as much as you will consume, not more.

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