14 Innocent Scenes From Rio 2016 Gone VERY Bad By Mistake!


These controversial scenes are nothing new to us. Olympic diving competitions witness scenes like these all the time. We've gathered Rio 2016's favorite happy accidents from Buzzfeed! Enjoy!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com

Let's begin with an example from London 2012.


1. Are we supposed to show up with no clothes, man?

2. Dude, move. I have to find my swimsuit.

3. This is how you take a shower, in public, without any shame!

4. Oh yeah, shower!

5. Can't stop, won't stop!

6. Who needs swimsuits when you can show up like this?

7. Man, you have to try nudism! It's the best thing out there!!

8. What are you up to Mr. Chen?

9. Chen seems happy with himself!

10. Let me check my swimsuit to see if it's there

11. This shower is better than any luxurious hotel room!

12. The camera team doesn't know what to do with these scenes.

13. It would be hard to imagine otherwise.

14. Thanks to the camera team, we pushed the limits of our imagination! Good luck to all of these athletes, we would like to see more of them!!!

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